Artist Statement

As a Designer, my work revolved around the art of enhancing client’s lifestyles, whether at home or at work, with the creative punch, balance, scale, and enrichment of a clearly defined space. The Artist in me approaches the canvas in the same manner. Just as in design, when space dictates function; my canvas will sometimes take me on a journey I didn’t expect.

Thru my work I express pieces of evolving in life. I try to capture the essence of “being”, emotions of daily existence, while provoking one to think and feel in a more layered way.

Interpretation of being alive and aware can move one’s spirit to feel in a bold way and to think in a new way. My art can take you somewhere, provoke you somehow, and yet even bring you a sense of peace.

The point is to look at the painting and find something that relates to you in a way that maybe you can or cannot define.